I’m Catherine D’Ignazio, an Assistant Professor of Data Visualization and Civic Media at Emerson College. As of Jan 2020, I will be an Assistant Professor of Urban Science and Planning at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

I’m interested in creative ways to democratize data & technology for community empowerment & social justice. I make public art & design projects, write software code & research papers, teach journalism & arts students, and run data storytelling workshops and feminist hackathons. I’m a compulsive collaborator, joiner and organizer and affiliated with the below organizations. I have also recently joined the board of directors of Indigenous Women Rising, an amazing group of Native women innovators who are working for equity in health care.

More about me…

Boston Coastline: Future Past
A walking data visualization of the Boston water line as projected for the year 2100 based on climate change.


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