inVisible Playcity: Exhibition in Tokyo

This May, the Institute for Infinitely Small Things (hah – you thought our spatial justice-carto-art-mapping-dancing collective was defunct but no, sir!) had several works exhibited at Roppongi Art Night in Tokyo. On display were several projects: the City Formerly Known as Cambridge, 57 Things to Do for Free in Harvard Square, and our Corporate Commands cards & performances.

While the show was only up for six days, it had an astounding number of visitors – some 14,000, in fact. We believe this is due to the popularity of Roppongi Art Night, though some unnamed Institute members would like to believe it is because of their international status and worldwide charisma.

The show was curated by Hiroko Kikuchi and Akio Hayashi of Invisible.Tokyo and also included works by the National Bitter Melon Council.

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All photos copyright: inVisible
Photo credits: Shinya Kigure