Co-design with Waking Women Healing Institute

Co-design, Data Creation, Data Visualization

Since 2022, the Data + Feminism Lab has collaborated with Waking Women Healing Institute to explore how data, maps and new technologies can serve their mission to protect against, heal from, and illuminate acts of settler colonialism that result in violence against Indigenous women/girls/2spirit, Water, and Mother Earth. To date, the project has focused on two areas. First, we undertook research to catalog Indigenous-led community groups across Turtle Island which are working on the MMIW/P crisis. From that custom data set, we co-designed a map of these community defenders so that they may connect with each other, share information in specific cases, and generally build strength through networks and coalitions. Second, we have undertaken a database evaluation to understand what WWHI’s needs and priorities are for case documentation, and evaluated four popular database software packages against these criteria.