YouTube Playlist of talks by Catherine D’Ignazio

I speak internationally about data feminism, AI for justice, data activism, participatory AI/ML, grassroots data science, creative data literacy, feminist technology design, data visualization, mapping and participatory design for civic engagement and urban planning. I run workshops on data storytelling, analysis, mapping, and visualization for journalists, community organizations, artists, nonprofit staff, government, librarians, and digital humanists. I organize hackathons for overthrowing the patriarchy.

For speaking engagements, please get in touch with Janet Letts at janetsue.letts@gmail.com with a CC to me (dignazio@mit.edu). I am currently prioritizing speaking engagements about my new book Counting Feminicide: Data Feminism in Action.

If you are a group that monitors feminicide/femicide, MMIW/P, police killings, fatal violence against LGBTQ+ people or related issues, I’m happy to speak with your group and share what I’ve learned from Counting Feminicide with no speaking fee required.


Data Justice Lab, Data Justice 2023 Conference, Alternative Collectives. June 2023.

3rd Women in Bioinformatics and Data Science LA Conference, Data Feminism. Sep 2022.

The 16th ACM Conference Series on Recommender Systems, Co-designing ML models with Data Activists. Sep 2022.

Participatory Design Conference, PDC22, Co-design, data feminism and counterdata science. Aug 2022.

University of California at Irvine, Society for Learning Analytics Research, 12th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference. Feb 2022.

Wayne State University, GIS Day. Nov 2021.

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Division of Gender Affairs, XXII International Meeting on Gender Statistics. Oct 2021.

Weizenbaum German Internet Institute. Doctoral Lecture Series. Sep 2021.

ACM Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) Annual Conference. Jul 2021.

U.S. Conference on Teaching Statistics (USCOTS) Annual Conference. Jun 2021.

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Data feminism. Jun 2021.

Liberal Arts Collaborative for Digital Innovation Consortium (LACOL) Annual Consortium Workshop. Jun 2021.

Newcastle University. Not-Equal: Algorithmic Social Justice, Digital Security for All Summer School. Jun 2021.

La Ciba Data Resource Space, Barcelona, Spain. Jornada Data Feminism: Conference on Data and Emerging Economies. Jun 2021.

University of California Davis Data Lab. Data Feminism Symposium. May 2021.

Toronto Women in Data Science 2021 Conference. Apr 2021.

Foro Idea, Planned Parenthood Global’s Laboratory for Social Innovation for Reproductive Rights in Latin America. 2021 Virtual Forum. Apr 2021.

Phillips Academy Andover. Data for Justice Symposium. Mar 2021.

iSchools Coalition of Information Schools. Annual Conference. Mar 2021.

Indiana University. Center of Excellence for Women and Technology Conference. Mar 2021.

Boston University School of Law. Technology and the Law: Examining and Addressing Bias Symposium. Feb 2021.

University of Michigan. Keynote speaker for U-M Data Science Annual Symposium. Nov 2020.

Women in Statistics and Data Science (WSDS) 2020 Conference. Oct 2020.

IEEE Visualization. Visualization for Digital Humanities (VIS4DH workshop). Oct 2020.

Emerson College. Social Justice & Media Symposium. Feb 2020.

Loyola University Chicago Fall Symposium on Digital Ethics. Chicago, IL. Nov 2018.

Organization of Biological Field Stations. Useless Maps, Talking Creeks and Breastpump Hackathons. Acadia, ME. Sept 2018.

Innovation for Global Nurses: Exploring Technologies and Beyond. Design Thinking and Health Innovation. Boston, MA. Oct 2017.

Highway to Africa: Media, Accountability and Local Governance. Rhodes University. How Technology is Changing Journalistic Practice. Grahamstown, South Africa. Aug/Sept 2017.

4T Data Literacy Conference. School of Information at the Univ of Michigan. Creative Data Literacy for Newcomers. Online. July 2017.

ISVIS 2017. Feminist Data Visualization. Keynote Speaker. Haifa, Israel. June 2017.

University of Sheffield. The Culture and Politics of Data Visualization. Sheffield, UK. October 2016.

Visitor Studies Conference. “Playful Data, Empowered Publics”. Boston, MA. July 2016.

Northeast Arc Users Group. “Unmaking Maps”. Amherst, MA. May 2015.

Play / Perform / Participate. Small Data Futures. Utrecht, Netherlands. April 2015.


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Conferences, workshops and panels

MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Guest speaker to HCI lecture series. Data Feminism. Sep 2019.

Data Power Conference. Data Feminism. Bremen, Germany. Sep 2019.

4S Conference. Dissident Pregnancy Detection Models for the Regenerating Algorithms Panel. New Orleans, LA. Sep 2019.

Universidad Católica de Argentina. Datos, Desigualdad y Democracia. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jun 2019.

Eyeo Festival. Feminist Data, Feminist Futures. Minneapolis, MN. Jun 2019.

Universidad Católica de Argentina. El periodismo y la visualización de datos. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mar 2019.

Bryant University. Data Storytelling for Digital Humanists Workshop. Smithfield, RI. Nov 2018.

Loyola University Chicago Fall Symposium on Digital Ethics. Keynote Speaker. Chicago, IL. Nov 2018.

Data Innovation Project Coalition. Workshop: How to Kickstart a Data Culture in your Organization. Portland, ME. Nov 2018.

University of Southern Maine. Data Feminism. Portland, ME. Nov 2018.

Information+ Conference. Data Feminism. Potsdam, Germany. Oct 2018.

Emerson College Teach-in on Race. Intersectionality: Where Identities Meet. Panelist. Boston, MA. Oct 2018.

U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Humanities and the Arts in the Age of Big Data. Data Feminism. Oct 2018.

Y-USA Conference on IT and Data Analytics. Data Collection, Analysis and Visualization for All. San Antonio, TX. Sept 2018. 

Organization of Biological Field Stations. Useless Maps, Talking Creeks and Breastpump Hackathons. Keynote Speaker. Acadia, ME. Sept 2018.

United States Breastfeeding Committee National Conference. Designing for Equity: Lessons Learned from the “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck” Hackathon. Atlanta, GA. Aug, 2018.

MIT Media Lab. Advisory Council and Director’s Fellows Retreat. Make the Breast Pump Not Suck. Cambridge, MA, July 2018. 

Ontario College of Art & Design. Diagrams of Power, Panelist. Toronto, ON. Jul 2018.

Allied Media Conference. Two Breast Pump Hackathons and Counting. Detroit, MI. Jun 2018. 

Data Visualization & Society, authors retreat. Data Visualization Literacy & Feminism. Lesbos, Greece. Jun 2018. 

Data Justice Conference. Data Feminism. Cardiff, Wales. May 2018.

Chicas Poderosas. Intro to DataBasic.io Workshop. Online, May 2018.

Think Commons. Feminismo de Datos. Taller en español. Online, May 2018. 

Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. Demystifying Data. Workshop. Boston, MA. May 2018.

MIT Women’s Unconference. Moderator for Tamika Mallory’s keynote. Cambridge, MA. April 2018.

MIT Museum. Big Data Justice. Panel discussion. Cambridge, MA. Feb 2018.

MIT Dept of Urban Studies and Planning. Big Data, Visualization, and Society guest speaker. Cambridge, MA. Feb 2018.

Northeastern University. Feminist Data Visualization. NUVis speaker series. Boston, MA. Feb 2018.

Harvard Neonatal Epidemiology Conference. The “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck” Hackathon: A mother-centered approach to breastfeeding innovation. Invited Speaker. Boston, MA. Jan 2018.

Maternal and Child Health Seminar at the Harvard School of Public Health. A Feminist HCI Approach to Designing Postpartum Tech. Invited Speaker. Boston, MA. Nov 2017.

Innovation for Global Nurses: Exploring Technologies and Beyond. Design Thinking and Health Innovation. Keynote Speaker with Becky Michelson. Boston, MA. Oct 2017.

Right to the Smart City. Maynooth University.  Sensors and Civics: Towards a Community-Centered Smart City (draft paper).Invited participant. Maynooth, Ireland. Sept 2017.

Highway to Africa: Media, Accountability and Local Governance. Rhodes University. How Technology is Changing Journalistic Practice.Keynote Speaker. Grahamstown, South Africa. Aug/Sept 2017.

4T Data Literacy Conference. School of Information at the Univ of Michigan. Creative Data Literacy for Newcomers.Keynote Speaker. Online. July 2017.

Boston Public Library. Visualizing Climate: A Panel Bridging Art, Science, and Policy. Invited panelist. Boston, MA. July 2017.

ISVIS 2017. Feminist Data Visualization. Keynote Speaker. Haifa, Israel. June 2017.

Theater Communications Group National ConferenceStrength in Numbers: Creative Data Storytelling for Organizations. Invited workshop leader. Portland, OR. June 2017.

MIT Information Science Program. Creative Data Literacy: Bridging the Gap Between the Data-haves and Have-nots. Invited speaker. Cambridge, MA. May 2017.

ACM Computer Human Interaction (CHI) Conference. Hacking Women’s Health. Workshop Co-organizer. Denver, CO. May 2017.

Public Lab Open Hour. Art in Environmental Science Advocacy. Invited speaker. Online. May 2017.

OpenVis Conference. Designing Visualization Tools for Learners. Speaker. Boston, MA. April 2017.

Emerson College. Visualizing for Justice: Creative, Critical and Contestational Mapping. Co-organizer and speaker. Boston, MA. April 2017.

American Association of Geographers Conference.  Feminist Data Visualization/Mapping Flexibly. Invited speaker. Boston, MA. April 2017.

American Association of Geographers Conference.  Data, democracy, and improving the world with critical VGI. Invited panelist. Boston, MA. April 2017.

DataRescue Boston @ Northeastern. Guerrilla Data Archiving event. Track leader for data visualization & storytelling track. Boston, MA. March 2017.

WMBR. Sci-Fidelity show. Invited guest to discuss media, tech & politics. March 2017.

Bryant College. Civic Imagination and a Useless Map. DIY Utopia Symposium. Invited panelist. Smithfield, RI. March 2017.

Olin College. “Useless Maps, Talking Creeks and Breastpump Hackathons”. Human Centered Design program. Invited speaker. Needham, MA. March 2017.

Tech Networks Boston Roundtable. How to do more with the non-profit data you already have. Invited workshop leader. Boston, MA. March, 2017.

Tapestry Data Storytelling Conference. Creative Data Literacy with Animated GIFs and Public Art. Presenter. St. Augustine, FL. March 2017. 

New Tactics in Human Rights. The Use of Data Visualization in Human Rights Advocacy. Invited conversation leader. Online. January 2017.

WorkBar. Truth, Fact & the Future of Journalism. Invited panelist. Cambridge, MA. January 2017.

University of Sheffield. The Culture and Politics of Data Visualization. Keynote speaker. Sheffield, UK. October 2016.

Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. Association of Internet Researchers Conference. “What does feminist big data, data studies and datavis look like?” panel discussion. Invited panelist. Berlin, Germany. October 2016.

Penn State Center for Humanities and Information. The Humanities and Information Conference. Invited speaker. University Park, PA. October 2016.

MIT Media Lab. No permission, No apology conference. “Designing for Other (Than Straight, Rich, White Men)” panel. Invited panelist. September 2016.

Visitor Studies Conference. Keynote speaker: “Playful Data, Empowered Publics”. Boston, MA. July 2016.

-empyre- global community. Invited guest on Feminist Data Visualization. Online. July 2016.

Northeastern University. Indexical Design Symposium. “Feminist DataViz: Bring back the bodies!” Boston, MA. June 2016.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Information+ Conference. “Creative Data Literacy: Bridging the Gap Between the Data Haves and Have-nots”. Vancouver, BC. June 2016.

University of Copenhagen. Uncertain Archives Initiative. “Design for Un-knowing”. Copenhagen, Denmark. June 2016.

City University of New York. Critical Visualization Workshop. New York, NY. June 2016.

Tufts University. Social Sciences Librarian Bootcamp. “Open Data, Civic Data”. Medford, MA. June 2016.

ACM CHI 2016.A Feminist Approach to Designing Postpartum Technologies“. San Jose, CA. May 2016.

Education Writers Association. Workshop leader: “Data Tools for Beginners”. Boston, MA. May 2016. Workshop for journalists on the education beat.

Living Cities City Accelerator. Workshop leader: “Data Tools for Beginners”. New Orleans, LA. May 2016. Workshop for 50+ municipal government officials.

Radcliffe Institute. Urban Intermedia: the City Between Media & Information. “Data: Public? Poetic? Participatory? Political?” Cambridge, MA. May 2016.

White House. Police Data Initiative Year of Progress. “Data & Community Engagement”. Washington D.C. April 2016.

Georgia Tech. Humanities Visualization Workshop, participant. Atlanta, GA. March 2016.

MIT Art, Culture, Technology Program. “What do we need to embrace in order to make the world in which art is relevant?” Art of the Connecting Worlds workshop. Cambridge, MA. March 2016.

Responsible Data Forum. Visualization Workshop, participant. New York, NY. January 2016.

Data & Society. “What would feminist data visualization look like?” with Mushon Zer-Aviv. New York, NY. January 2016.

New England Foundation for the Arts. “Temporary Public Art on a Shoestring”. Boston, MA. November 2015.

Participatory Action Research Lecture Series. Department of Urban Studies & Planning, MIT. “Aesthetic Ways of Knowing OR What Can Art Do?”. Cambridge, MA. October 2015.

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Let’s Walk Urban Landscapes design research symposium. Workshop leader for “Navigate”. Hanover, Germany. 2015.

Northeast Arc Users Group. Keynote Speaker.”Unmaking Maps”. Amherst, MA. May 2015.

Play / Perform / Participate. Keynote Speaker. Small Data Futures. Utrecht, Netherlands. April 2015.

OKCast Webinar. Toward an Educational Model for Sensor Journalism. For the online Sensor Journalism series. March 2015. 

MIT. Public Space? Lost + Found. Moderator for “Reclaiming Public Space/Surveillance and Control”. April 2015.

Microsoft Social Computing Symposium. Consequences of Design Panel.Make the Breast Pump Not Suck. San Francisco, CA. Jan 2015.

MIT. Moderator for Comparative Media Studies Colloquium with Doris Sommers. Oct 18, 2014.

Wayne State University. “Terra Incognita: An Experiment in Cosmopolitanism”. Place, (Dis)Place and Citizenship Conference. Detroit, MI. Mar 22, 2014.

Northeastern University. Civic Engagement and Data Visualization. Information Design and Visualization Lecture Series. Feb 19, 2014.

Northeastern University. Maps, News and Geography. Presentation to the Data Swap 2013 kickoff. Oct 13, 2013.

South by Southwest. Panelist for Location: the Importance of Geodata. Feb 2013. Austin, TX.

American Association of Geographers. Review of Rethinking Power of Maps. Apr, 2010, Washington, DC.

College Art Association. The Contemporary Collaborator in an Interdisciplinary World. Dallas, TX. 2008.

Tate Modern. Take a Deep Breath conference. London, UK. October, 2007.

University of Vermont. Panelist for “Location Shift” exhibition. Middlebury, VT. Sept 20, 2007.

UVA Charlottesville. Symposium on Geography & the Humanities. Digital Art & Maps presentation. Charlottesvilles, VA. Jun 07.

American Association of Geographers. Art & Activism panel presentation. Apr, 2007, San Francisco, CA.

Not an Alternative. Psychogeography & Middle-class Entertainment. Sept 14, 2006. Brooklyn, MA.

National American Cartographic Information Society annual conference. Oct 2004. Portland, ME.

American Association of Geographers. Cartography & Art panel presentation. Mar, 2006, Chicago, IL.

College Art Association. Panel presentation. Feb, 2006, Boston, MA.

Boston Center for the Arts. Panel discussion on net.art. May 8, 2003. Boston, MA.

Boston Center for the Arts. Curator’s Talk. Apr 27, 2003. Boston, MA.

Somerville Cable Access Television. “Paradise and Information in the 21st Century” – October 1, 2002.

Boston News Network. Art & Technology: A Televised Panel Discussion. July 31, 2002.


Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change. Salzburg, Austria. Visiting Scholar. 2016

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Hanover, Germany. Let’s Walk Urban Landscapes. Visiting Scholar. 2015

SUNY, New Paltz, NY. Feed back – Future feed. Think tank participant. 2015

Museo d’Antiochia. Medllín, Colombia. Visiting Artist. 2010

Anderson Ranch. Aspen, CO. Extending Creativity in Digital Media program. 2008

Open Engagement. Regina, Sasketchewan, Canada. Residency & social art project. 2007

Kunsthochschule fur Medien. Cologne, Germany. Visiting Artist. 2007

UNC Chapel Hill. Department of Geography. Visiting Artist. 2006

School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Arts Administration Program. Visiting Artist. 2006

UC Santa Cruz. Visiting Artist. October 26-28, 2005. Visual Studies & Humanities Research Institute.

Computelec Corporation. Institute for Microworlds & Multimedia. Melbourne, Australia. Visiting Teacher. 1997