12 Inches of Weather

Art & Design, Data Visualization, Walking

A series of drawings that map 12 inches of weather on the human body by tracing perspiration, movement and time.

define:weather says: Weather is the specific condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time. It is measured in terms of such things as wind, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, cloudiness, and precipitation.

Weather is everyday and everywhere. For this project, I launched an artistic investigation by asking the question “Can a body (human, not planetary) have weather, too?”.

To create the drawings for 12 Inches of Weather, I used paper to collect the sweat on twelve inches of my body during running outdoors in hot weather. Then, using an algorithm (a simple system), I hand-traced the contours of that sweat onto 1970’s computer paper using various colors of felt tip pen. The algorithm would tell me how many minutes to spend tracing each color.


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